Safety Measures for the Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Infections


The health and safety of our guests and employees remain our highest priority.

We implement the following measures so that our guests can use our facilities safely.


Main initiatives

・Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are placed in various locations in the building.

・The employees wear masks when serving the guests and take thorough disinfection


・Protective acrylic boards are installed at the counters to prevent droplet infections.

・The windows on each floor are regularly opened for ventilation.

・The employees’ body temperature checks are conducted and their health conditions
including their cohabiters’ are checked when arriving at work.


Front desk

・Upon check-in, guests will be asked about the body temperatures and health

・Room keys are sanitized each time and handed in individual bags.

・Social distancing marks are displayed to form a line.

・Please be advised that the following facilities are temporarily closed.

1) Communal bath and lounge on the seventh floor

(An ice maker and vending machines are in operation.)

2) Smoking booths on the fourth and sixth floors

(Ideally one person should be present at a time in the first-floor booth.)

3) Laundry rooms on the third and fifth floors

(Laundry set such as detergent is available for guest room use.)


Guest rooms 

・Disinfection is enhanced on touch areas.

・A nanoe air purifier is operated all the time in the guest rooms.


Dining space

・Please wash your hands and use alcohol hand sanitizer when entering the first-floor
dining room.

・Kindly refrain from being seated at adjoining tables to prevent droplets.

・Buffet will be suspended for the time being; meals are served on individual trays.


Requests to our guests

・Please wear a mask and use alcohol hand sanitizer on your arrival.
(If you forget a mask, it is available for 50 yen at the front desk.)

・If you have a fever or other cold symptoms, please refrain from entering the building.


We will update the above information according to the policies and guidelines of the government and other administrative bodies.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


General Manager, PLAZA annex


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