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Isuzu Plaza

Isuzu Plaza

Isuzu Plaza exhibitions include the various roles of commercial vehicles, Isuzu’s manufacturing as a leader in transportation uptime support, and the history of Isuzu Motors. It aims to be a facility that can make visitors feel close to Isuzu. It is also designed to play a role of connecting with the local community by holding craftwork classes and offering guided tours of the facility.

Cautionary notes
Visitors must make reservation beforehand.
Isuzu Plaza is closed on Sundays, Mondays (or the following weekday if Monday is a public holiday), Golden Week holiday period (late April to early May), summer holiday period, and year-end and New Year holiday period.

Isuzu Plaza details and reservation

Q&A [Events]

Q&A [Events]

Do you hold regular events?
We offer events such as a buffet lunch in the Golden Week long holidays in spring, a garden barbeque in summer, a Christmas dinner and also irregularly-held Japanese sake and wine seminars.
How do I know Isuzu Plaza events?
We announce the information through the media such as the Isuzu Plaza official website, email newsletters and our official LINE account.
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